Marketing complex performed for “SYSTEMA KVYTOK” (‘Ticket System’) LLC

Date: May 2011


  •    To develop the strategy and tactics of launching a New product throughout Ukraine.
  •    To develop as early as possible the logo, corporate identity and visualization of the first Ukrainian automated ticket office for railway tickets selling (the sale of air and bus tickets is planned    ` as the next stage) aimed at equipment testing and debugging.
  •    Launching of the first sales point in the Dreamtown Shopping center, Kiev: the launch mechanism elaboration, the arrangement of the first sales point (production), design and tailoring of promotional dress uniform, selection of personnel for launching and questioning of the first system users, performance management.
  •    The arrangement of contact center activity (staff training and technical support).


  •    The annual strategy on project launch was developed, the cost of the cities’ connection was optimized by means of arranging local promo campaigns and establishment of maximum effective instruments for each separate city.
  •    The logo and the corporate identity were designed.

  • The first sales point (the automated ticket office) was arranged, the mechanism was worked out, the promotional dress uniform was provided with and the perfect performance of the personnel was ensured.
Press about the project
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