Production of Riverstone residential complex video commercial





Creative Boutique Group presents the advertising campaign developed for RiverStone, a new residential complex that is being rapidly erected in Kiev on the left bank of the Dnieper river.
The Roxolana of Ukrainian cinematograph, the National artist of Ukraine Olga Sumskaya became the identity of the advertisement campaign that included the video commercial, the posting of Olga’s images on outdoor advertisement media and a number of promotional events involving the favoured actress.

The scenario development and actual shooting was performed in cooperation with film director Alexey ShaparevVladymyr Shklyarevsky was invited as the promo video camera operator. The creative team faced a challenging task: it was necessary to set and present the respectable living space within the object which construction process was actually going in full swing.
It required all the experience, creative thinking and … the wizardry of computer graphics.

According to the story Olga Sumskaya wakes up in RiverStone and starts her habitual morning with jogging along the waterfront, then she dines in a cozy restaurant and goes yachting. The actress enjoys her lifestyle – the lifestyle of a successful and dynamic person of the metropolis.

The RiverStone press-service tells that it was not by coincidence that Olga Sumskaya has become the RiverStone complex identity.
Olga Sumskaya, a well-known Ukrainian actress, for sure comes as personification of a modern, bright and dynamic urban dweller whose house is the embodiment of convenience, safety and fireside comfort. Olga is the woman of a family. She is an exemplary mother of two children, a loving and beloved wife. Like no one else, she has managed in a bright and dynamic way to convey the image of RiverStone resident who has succeeded in life and career” – said Galina Bogdanenko, the Head of the RiverStone press-service.

The apartments of RiverStone, a new and modern complex on the Dnieper embankment, are designed for successful audience and business people. This was the fact that predetermined the selection of business TV as the advertising medium of the commercial video broadcasting, since its content does represent the interests of the business segment.



Production of RiverStone residential complex 3D video

November 2010 – January 2011. 3D presentation of the RiverStone residential complex.

Client – UDP (Ukrainian Development Partners)


  • Development of a 3D video in HD format to be used by the sales department in order to present the clients with the concept of the residential complex under construction, to be used in scope of the RIVERSTONE advertising campaigns and in exhibitions participation.


A 3D-model of the upcoming residential complex was created. It was used as a basis for further production of a 4-mins. 3D-video film that comes as a virtual tour that in the most striking details presents a grandiose residential complex situated on the Dnieper river bank that is to be completely finished in several years.


It was during the initial 3D-film presentations that they sold the first penthouse to the prospective clients.

The complex elements engineered by our designers in scope of the 3D-film development were used as a basis for actual implementation in terms of the RiverStone residential complex construction.




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