«CRB Group» group of Companies

In Ukraine the «CRB Group» group of companies is today represented by five companies, a production studio and several unique projects:
  • Creative Boutique – an advertising agency specializing in integrated communications production (creative, BTL, PR etc.)
  • Hakuna Matata – an event-company that undertakes the «Life without cares!» mission for its clients.
  • Creative Boutique – a production studio focused on creation of unique promotional video- and audio-products
  • MirContenta.com – a mix of a digital-agency and a Partnership program on licensed content sale, the owner of several internet-projects and FAQnet advertising network, exclusive seller of online advertisement on popular internet-sites
  • Vorobey.com – a «Siniy Vorobey» Animation studio

   About the company:

«CRB Group» is a rapidly growing group of companies that provide a range of services on brands’ creation, development and maintenance. We are a unique group of companies that is able to cope with the broadest range of tasks on our own. The client receives from single source the expected result that is ensured by guarantees, provided with service and performed within the planned budget.
Our mission lies in effective solution of any marketing tasks set by the Client.


Modern technology market is developing very rapidly and it requires the companies to continuously introduce know-how within the sphere of brand and consumer communications. Rather often the promotion and communication market offers dealing with highly specialized companies that can professionally perform only some part of the marketing process tasks. The client has to break the single process into components and give them to different companies. Such approach makes both monitoring and analysis more complicated and it does not ensure the achievement of the set task since the contactor companies are not interested in the integrated end result.
Our target lies in permanent creation of own-based professional resources and services and their provision in scope of an integrated service complex aimed at solution of the Client’s marketing tasks.


  • The team is the priority value of our company. We engage professionals with extensive knowledge and experience who are able to solve any task set.
  • Knowledge and experience make up the groundwork of our company. Each member of our staff has relevant education and extensive experience in his working field. Basing upon the staff experience, we are confident in the final result. We foresee eventual risks.
  • The opportunities are the realities that we are working with. Nothing is impossible for us, it all depends upon time and funds. We continuously create new resources on our own base in order to provide our Clients with state-of-the-art tools for immediate solution of their set tasks.
  • The search for new solutions – we invest into our future with our continuous advance process. The improvement and advancement of the staff and the long-term planning in consideration of the advertising market development forecasts give us confidence in our future and in long-term cooperation with our Clients.

   The Team:

The key point of our company’s work is the team approach to cases’ solution and achievement of the set targets. Thorough selection of professional staff, circumspect organogram, delegation of powers, discrete incentive system and personal responsibility of each team member for the end result are the ingredients of the «CRB Group» success.


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